National awards

AAAI Fellows

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Fellows program was started in 1990 to recognize individuals who have made significant, sustained contributions - usually over at least a ten–year period - to the field of artificial intelligence.

The accomplishments of elected AAAI Fellows range from pioneering advances in the theory of artificial intelligence, to unusual accomplishments in artificial intelligence technology and AI applications. Leadership in the AAAI or similar scientific organizations that promote the advancement of artificial intelligence through educational programs and support of forums for the exchange of ideas also plays a role in the selection process.

Recipient Year
Vipin Kumar 2023
Maria Gini 2008

AAAI Distinguished Service Award

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Distinguished Service Award recognizes one individual each year for extraordinary service to the AI community. Areas of service could include, but are not limited to: society service, service as an editor, conference organization, representation of AI in other organizations (such as CRA, ACM, or IEEE), or influential service as a government agency contract monitor or program director, resulting in positive effects on the field of AI. Nominees must be current members of AAAI.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2016

AAAS Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellows are a distinguished cadre of scientists, engineers and innovators who have been recognized for their achievements across disciplines, from research, teaching, and technology, to administration in academia, industry and government, to excellence in communicating and interpreting science to the public.

Recipient Year
Joseph Konstan 2011
Yousef Saad 2010
Shashi Shekhar 2008
Vipin Kumar 2006

ACM Distinguished Engineers, Scientists, and Members

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Distinguished Engineers, Scientists, and Members Award recognizes members with at least 15 years of professional experience and five years of continuous professional membership who have achieved significant accomplishments or have made a significant impact on the computing field.

Distinguished Scientists

Recipient Year
Loren Terveen 2009
John Riedl † 2007
Maria Gini 2006
Joseph Konstan 2006

† deceased

Distinguished Members

Recipient Year
Daniel Boley 2020
Mohamed Mokbel 2017

ACM Fellows Program

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Fellows Program was established in 1993 to recognize and honor outstanding ACM members for their achievements in computer science and information technology and for their significant contributions to the mission of the ACM. The ACM Fellows serve as distinguished colleagues to whom the ACM and its members look for guidance and leadership as the world of information technology evolves.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2019
Tian He ** 2018
John Riedl † 2009
Joseph Konstan 2008
Vipin Kumar 2006

** former faculty member
† deceased

ACM/SIGAI Autonomous Agents Research Award

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (SIGAI) Autonomous Agents Research Award is a prestigious prize that recognizes years of research and leadership in the field of robotics and multi-agent systems.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2022

ACM SIGKDD Innovation Award

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD) Innovation Award is the highest award for technical excellence in the field of knowledge discovery and data mining. It is conferred on one individual or one group of collaborators whose outstanding technical innovations in the KDD field have had a lasting impact in advancing the theory and practice of the field.

Recipient Year
Vipin Kumar 2012

ACM Software System Award

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Software System Award is given to an institution or individuals recognized for developing software systems that have had a lasting influence, reflected in contributions to concepts and/or commercial acceptance.

Recipient Year
Joseph A. Konstan 2010
John Riedl † 2010

† deceased

ACM Outstanding Contribution Award

The Outstanding Contribution to Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Award recognizes outstanding service contributions to the Association. Candidates are selected based on the value and degree of service overall and may be given to up to three individuals each year.

Recipient Year
Joseph A. Konstan 2023

CRA A. Nico Habermann Award

The Computing Research Association (CRA) awards the A. Nico Habermann Award to a person who has made outstanding contributions aimed at increasing the numbers and/or successes of underrepresented members in the computing research community. This award recognizes work in areas of government affairs, educational programs, professional societies, public awareness, and leadership that has a major impact on advancing these members in the computing research community. Recognized contributions can be focused directly at the research level or at its immediate precursors–namely, students at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2019

IBM Faculty Award

The IBM Faculty Award is a competitive worldwide program that seeks to build collaborations between researchers at top universities and those in IBM development, research, and service groups. It is also intended to promote a curriculum that encourages advances in disciplines strategic to IBM.

Recipient Year
Abhishek Chandra 2011
Antonia Zhai 2007
Zhi-Li Zhang 2007
Zhi-Li Zhang 2006
Jaideep Srivastava 2002

IEEE Fellow

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation. 

Recipient Year
Mohamed Mokbel 2020
Maria Gini 2017
Tian He** 2017
George Karypis 2017
Stergios Roumeliotis ** 2016
Joseph Konstan 2013
John Riedl † 2011
Zhi-Li Zhang 2011
Anand Tripathi 2008
Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos 2007
Jaideep Srivastava 2004
Shashi Shekhar 2003
Vipin Kumar 2000
David Du 1998
Pen-Chung Yew 1998

** former faculty member
† deceased

IEEE Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award

The IEEE Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award Technical Achievement Award is an annual award (which includes a certificate and $2,000 honorarium) that is presented for outstanding and innovative contributions to the fields of computer and information science and engineering or computer technology, usually within the past ten, and not more than fifteen years.

Recipient Year
Shashi Shekhar 2006
Vipin Kumar 2005

INFORMS ISS Design Science Award

The Design Science Award of the INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) is awarded annually to promote and recognize excellence in research efforts centered on the design and realization of innovative information technology (IT) artifacts.

Recipient Year
John Collins ** 2012
Maria Gini 2012
Paul Schrater 2012

** former faculty member

NCWIT Harrold and Notkin Research and Graduate Mentoring Award

The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) Harrold and Notkin Research and Graduate Mentoring Award is given in memory of Mary Jean Harrold and David Notkin, in honor of their outstanding research, graduate mentoring, and diversity contributions. The award recognizes faculty members from non-profit, U.S. institutions (excluding U.S. territories) who combine outstanding research accomplishments with excellence in graduate mentoring, as well as those who advocate for recruiting, encouraging, and promoting women and minorities in computing fields at both a local and national level.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2018


The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) program is the most prestigious award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in support of the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization.

Recipient Year
Kangjie Lu 2021
Hyun Soo Park 2019
Feng Qian 2018
Lana Yarosh 2017
Brent Hecht ** 2016
Rui Kuang 2012
Dan Keefe 2011
Chad Myers 2011
Arindam Banerjee ** 2010
Mohamed Mokbel 2010
Tian He ** 2009
Volkan Isler 2008
Stergios Roumeliotis ** 2007
Abhishek Chandra 2007
Nick Hopper 2006
Yongdae Kim ** 2005
William Schuler ** 2005
Eric Van Wyk 2004
Baoquan Chen ** 2003
George Karypis 2002
Victoria Interrante 1999
Joseph Konstan 1998
Zhi-Li Zhang 1998
Mats Heimdahl 1996
Jon Weissman 1996
Zhiyuan Li ** 1995
Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos 1995
Shang-Hua Teng ** 1995

** former faculty member


Each year, the National Science Foundation (NSF) selects nominees for Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) from among the most meritorious new CAREER awardees. The PECASE program recognizes outstanding scientists and engineers who, early in their careers, show exceptional potential for leadership at the frontiers of knowledge. This Presidential Award is the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers.

Recipient Year
Stergios Roumeliotis ** 2008
William Schuler ** 2006
Victoria Interrante 1999

** former faculty member

PAKDD Distinguished Contributions Award

This award recognizes significant and ongoing contributions in research and services to the advancement of the Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD) community and series of conferences.

Recipient Year
George Karypis 2021
Jaideep Srivastava 2013

SIAM Fellows Program

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Fellows Program honors certain members who have made outstanding contributions to fields served by SIAM. SIAM Fellows are people who have been recognized by their peers for their contributions to their field as well shown great leadership within their own institution.

Recipient Year
Yousef Saad 2010


SIAM John von Neumann Prize

This prize, established in 1959, the SIAM John von Neumann Prize is awarded for outstanding and distinguished contributions to the field of applied mathematical sciences and for the effective communication of these ideas to the community. The recipient will receive a monetary award and will present a survey lecture at the annual meeting.

Recipient Year
Yousef Saad 2023

SIGCHI Academy

The SIGCHI Academy is an honorary group of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of human-computer interaction, and awardees are given lifetime invitations to the annual SIGCHI award banquet. These are the principal leaders of the field, whose efforts have shaped the disciplines and/or industry, and led the research and/or innovation in human-computer interaction.

Recipient Year
Loren Terveen 2019
Joseph Konstan 2011

SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award

The SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award goes to individuals who have contributed to the growth of SIGCHI in a variety of capacities. This award is for extended services to the community at large over a number of years.

Recipient Year
Joseph Konstan 2013

UCGIS Education Award

University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) is a non-profit scientific and educational organization comprised of 60+ member and affiliate institutions. It was established in 1995 for the purposes of advancing research in the field of Geographic Information Science, expanding and strengthening multidisciplinary Geographic Information Science education, and advocating policies for the promotion of the ethical use of and access to geographic information and technologies, by building and supporting scholarly communities and networks. UCGIS is a hub for the GIS research and education community in higher education and serves as a national and international voice to advocate for its members’ interests.

Recipient Year
Shashi Shekhar 2015

UMUAI James Chen Annual Award

The User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction (UMUAI) James Chen Award is bestowed annually to the author(s) of the best paper of the year. The award has been donated by the Chen family in commemoration of James R. Chen, a creative researcher in the area of user modeling and information retrieval, and twice a UMUAI author. The award comes with a cash prize of U.S.$ 1,000. To select the winner, an award committee is formed from the editorial board of the journal which reviews all articles that were nominated by reviewers and the editorial board.

Recipient Year
Joseph Konstan 2013
John Riedl † 2013

† deceased

VGTC Virtual Reality Career Award

The IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee (VGTC) Virtual Reality Career Award is given annually to an individual to honor that person’s lifetime contributions to virtual and augmented reality.

Recipient Year
Victoria Interrante 2020

3M Nontenured Faculty Award

This award, which is administered by 3M Research and Development in partnership with the Corporate Giving Program, recognizes outstanding new faculty. It is intended to help young faculty members to achieve tenure, to teach, and to conduct research.

Recipient Year
Daniel Keefe 2013