University-wide awards

Institute on the Environment Fellow

The goal of the Institute on the Environment (IonE) Fellows is to support creative faculty members from a range of backgrounds and to generate a new cadre of world‐class environmental leaders and problem solvers. The Institute’s fellows are selected to:

  • Pursue new “out of the box” interdisciplinary research and problem solving
  • Create new models of teaching and training
  • Accelerate their professional and leadership development
  • Engage with new Institute‐wide initiatives and programs
  • Build new networks and collaborations
Recipient Year
Vipin Kumar 2016
Tian He ** 2014
Arindam Banerjee ** 2012
Shashi Shekhar 2011
Volkan Isler 2009

** former faculty member

Richard P. Braun Distinguished Service Award

The Richard P. Braun Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a transportation professional for outstanding leadership in research and innovation. It is named after founding Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) director Richard Braun for his leadership and contribution to research, and as a champion of transportation innovation.

Recipient Year
Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos 2013

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education

Established in 1999, this University-wide award recognizes outstanding contributions to postbaccalaureate, graduate, and/or professional education. Recipients are honored for their performance as teachers, advisors, and mentors; their development of instructional programs; and/or their inclusion of students in research, scholarship, and professional development.

Recipient Year
Dan Boley 2019
Maria Gini 2016
Shashi Shekar 2015
Joseph Konstan 2010
Mats Heimdahl 2004

Distinguished Women Scholar Awards

Sponsored by the Graduate School and the Office for University Women, these awards acknowledged and honored the accomplishments of distinguished women scholars at the University of Minnesota.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2001

Horace T. Morse-Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education

Each year since 1965, the University of Minnesota has recognized a select group of faculty members for their outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. This honor is awarded to exceptional candidates nominated by colleges in their quest to identify excellence in undergraduate education. In addition to honoring individual faculty members, the award contributes to the improvement of undergraduate education at the University by publicizing their work to serve as a resource for the whole faculty.

Recipient Year
Lana Yarosh 2021
Dan Keefe 2019
Chris Dovolis 2013
Maria Gini 1987

Outstanding Mentor Award

The Outstanding Mentor Award was offered by the University President’s Distinguished Faculty Mentor Program.

Recipient Year
Chris Dovolis 1999

Mullen-Spector-Truax Women's Leadership Award

The Mullen-Spector-Truax Women's Leadership Award is given annually to a faculty or staff woman at the University who has made outstanding contributions to women's leadership development.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2011

President's Award for Outstanding Service

The award is presented each year in the spring and recognizes exceptional service to the University, its schools, colleges, departments, and service units by any active or retired faculty or staff member. Recipients of this award have gone well beyond their regular duties and have demonstrated an unusual commitment to the University community.

Recipient Year
Maria Gini 2019
James MacDonald ** 2016
Marvin Stein † 2009

** former faculty member
† deceased